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September 23, 2020

Best photo editing App for Android | Lightroom Free

Best photo editing App for Android | Lightroom Free

There are some free best photo editing app android mobile can have, Like Lightroom. The Adobe lightroom is you can download it from Google play store for free. however, In This Blog, I’ll show you how to edit a photo like most of the Professional Photo editors.

Sample Photo editing App for Android

Sample Photo of Bridge

Above is the sample photo of a bridge that I downloaded from a site name pixabay. in fact, the content is absolutely free over there but it’s our job to give credits.

Let me show you how its look after some of the edit also change in hue, saturation, white balance etc.

This is how it finally looks.

Edited pic best photo editing app for androidEdited Photo

You can see some major differences in both the photo. earlier, the First one look dull and less attractive but the second one looks vibrant and more beautiful.

Finally the Edit settings given below for bridge image.

Exposure – +0.32EV

Contrast – +17

Highlights – +14

Shadows – -9

Whites – +8

Blacks – -18

Temp – -6

Tint – -6

Vibrance – +18

Saturation – +22

Comparison Before & After

Final Edited Lightroom Photo

Church Photo Edit

I’ll show you one more example of the adobe lightroom mobile edit. finally, the last photo is of a church.

Raw photo given below before the actual edit.

Raw best photo editing app for androidChurch Raw image

Finally the Edit Settings for church image given below.

Exposure – +0.81EV

Contrast – +11

Highlights – -65

Shadows – -5

Whites – +10

Blacks. – -14

Temp – +5

Tint – -14

Vibrance – +8

Saturation – +6

to illustrate edit Result photo.

edited best photo editing app for androidLightroom Edit Church Photo

Both the results are in front of you guys. in the end, Go check out the free tool Adobe Lightroom and do some crazy edits. and comment on the results.

Comparison Before & After

Comparison Pic

In Conclusion for the best photo editing app for android

Finally, to summarize this you can use this adobe lightroom app for editing photo like professionals. Do some edits. You can even make your own thumbnail for your Youtube channel and also you can create a logo for your website.

In addition, Here is the Video if you want some Video Tutorial for the Edit

Credit: Underrated Tech

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