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August 30, 2020

Google Pixel buds white

Google Pixel buds white

Pixel Buds 2Pixel Buds 2

Google Pixel buds white customer review

Google launches pixel buds white, generation one was launched in November 2017, February 2018 and the second generation pixel bud is launch in April 2020, Google pixel buds white is a wireless earbud, and Google developed it.

Great Sound and a great fit for ears

It provides high-quality audio and google assistance in just a click. These earbuds now come with type-c charging port which means that it can support fast charging.

One more key feature of the pixel bud is that it can translate in real-time and support 40 different languages that can be translated.

You can now enjoy high-quality audio on the go with the Pixel Bud. These google earbuds use Bluetooth 4.0 technology to stream music and audio from compatible smartphones and tablets. these headphones include features like the Pixel Buds have an integrated microphone, now you can take calls, dictate text messages, and use voice commands with compatible devices for sending messages. in WhatsApp, Messenger, or any other social media. Pixel Buds also support Google Translate, so if you have a compatible smartphone with the Google Translate app, you can get real-time language translation for almost 40 languages.

Fast Charge and One-Touch Control

Google Pixel Buds provide up to 5 hours of listening time on a full battery and the included charge case adds additional charges to get you up to 24 hours of battery life that you can use around 1-2 days. Also, a quick 10-minute charge can give you up to an hour of use.

You can use the touchpad to activate Google Assistant and can access music, messages, and more.

Tap to play and pause and swipe to change the volume.

Pixel bud imagePixel Bud Gen 1

GOOD Review

Very fast access to Google Assistant with one touch

Good battery life 10-minute charge will give you up to an hour of use

Good Sound in this form factor

BAD Review

The charging case is not that great 

Design is not good for ears 

Sometimes touchpad allows too many unnecessary taps

Noise-canceling is not available 

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