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September 17, 2020

RTX 3080 Fastest Gaming GPU

The RTX 3080 from Nvidia, This is the most powerful Graphic card right now in the industry, It is awesome.

You can run the tonne of the game in this GPU and it can run them smoothly

Design of RTX 3080

This GPU unit looks very different from the previous generation of graphics card

10 series looks very interesting when it comes

20 series comes with a minimalist look and simpler design

but 30 series looks awesome and now it comes with the dual side fan.

GEFORCE logo lights up with white led and can not change the color and also can’t turn it off.

Now it comes with a 12 Pin power connecter. it takes 2 eight Pin PCI-E connection and pipes it into a single 12 Pin and looks like a Y shaped splitter. this looks awful and more cable more mess.


The RTX 3080 is crazy powerful and super fast.

you can play any graphically demanding game or application.

4k gaming in high frame rate in this GPU.

This year the RTX 3080 is slightly longer than previous Graphics cards so it needs a larger case.

This GPU is also power-hungry it needs more power supply than last year RTX 2080.

RTX 3080 Fastest Gaming GPU 2020RTX 3080

Fan configuration

2 fans One fan on each side for better airflow one takes air in and another one exhausts the air. if the GPU is not running hot the fan does not start. when the temperature goes high only then the fans start to spin and it is super quiet.

Ray tracing with a higher frame rate is possible in this GPU it is so useful for game developers.

In Conclusion

RTX 3080 provides ultra high performance, its price

STARTING AT RS.71,000.Around 40% more improvement than the previous generation. The dual axial flow is the new innovative design, an increase in the number of frame rate also comes with the real-time cinematic-quality rendering of intensive games.

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